Our History

Valle Limpio is a Peruvian company created in 2018 also dedicated to the production and commercialization of wild Palo Santo from the forests of Paimas, in the province of Ayabaca, located in Piura, north of Perú. Our main purpose is to provide a healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach and respect for ecology and its sustainability.

It is essential for us to create a relationship with our collaborators, clients and society. Work together not only with the State, prívate companies but also the community to achieve job stability, improve infrastructure and the quality of life of the inhabitants. On this way, provide products made with good disposition, passion and good energy.

Within the main objectives, in Valle Limpio, we are looking forward to achieve the execution of eco-sustainable projects in the Paimas Valley, encouraging investment and collaboration of prívate companies and NGO's. These projects are focused on reforestation, field cleaning, good phytosanitary management and cultural work that allows local inhabitants to take advantage of the resources without predating them.

Our products are present in the national market and are exponed to Spain and Russia.

We work with


With the environment through f riendly and sustainable practices.


With the community through job placement and creative recognition.


Of the products and operations in the production plant.


With the people and community that make it possible to carry out our work.


In processes, with collaborators and with clients through real information and fair trade.

Our Mission

To offer high quality products obtained through eco-friendly and sustainable practices, which help our clients to achieve and consolídate their meditation and spiritual well-being.

Our Vision

To be a leading brand in the production and commercialization of ecosustainable products, internationally recognized in the holistic sector for the elaboration of quality products and with a culture of conservation of dry forests, which positions Perú within the highest quality standards.

All palo santo products

Our main purpose is to provide a healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach and respect for ecology and sustainability.