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100% natural

We work with


With the environment through f riendly and sustainable practices.


With the community through job placement and creative recognition.


Of the products and operations in the production plant.


With the people and community that make it possible to carry out our work.


In processes, with collaborators and with clients through real information and fair trade.

Palo Santo Products

The Palo Santo is a smooth bark tree that reaches a height of almost 10 meters and it is scientifically known as Bursera Graveolens. It grows in the dry forests of Perú, 0 Ecuador, Bolivia and in the Brazilian Mato Grosso. It is considered the sacred tree of the ancient inhabitants of northern Perú and more than 100 healing properties are attributed to it.

Palo Santo

Our Plant

Our products are made in our artisan production plant, located in the Paimas Valley, in the province of Ayabaca in Piura. We have cutting machines in charge of producing palo santo sticks; saws, used to produce sawdust with which incensé cubes are made; and extractors, in charge of oil production

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Our main purpose is to provide a healthy lifestyle through a holistic approach and respect for ecology and sustainability.